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Saturday, August 9, 2008

New Phone Number and Business Cards

Wooo, this week has been so crazy. I just now have had the chance to actually sit down and blog for a quick sec. I had three shoots this week that were amazing. One was here in Destin, one in Atlanta, and then one in Jacksonville. Needless to say the thought of getting in my car at this moment makes me twitch a little, lol :D I have spent the majority of this week traveling all over the place, but feel incredibly blessed to be doing what I love and meeting new people.

Now that we are finally settled, I am going to start posting lots of things I should have posted a long time ago, so yeah for that. I have a lot of awesome shoots that I can't wait to show you guys. Josh and I are loving living here in Destin and have already met some amazing folks. We just got our old Georgia numbers switched over and ordered fabulous new business cards. Make sure you jot down my new number and I look forward to hearing from you!

Front of the new business cards
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and this is the back, aren't they cute!! (I will share pictures later, they have fabulous rounded corners and a lovely shine)
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Amanda Suanne


Anonymous said...

These are TOOO cool :) I love love love them!!!

Anonymous said...

Super chic and stylish! I tried to add your blog to my Google Reader, but it didn't work for some reason!


they look awesome!!

Amanda Suanne said...

Thanks heather, rachael and david+kim... I need to post the real pictures of them, they are so rad!

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