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Monday, January 19, 2009

7 Random things and a quick story!

Meeting other people in the wedding industry is something that I love to do! On Wednesday, Samantha Jackson put on a fabulous event in Destin for local wedding professionals to meet and network. A part of the reason I love meeting other vendors is having resources for my brides on all things weddings. I want my brides to have the best of everything!! In a couple of days for the first time on Amandasuanne.com I am going to be releasing my little black book of preferred vendors. So stay tuned for that! We are also working on revamping out website and blog - check out the new header!

Anyways back to the meeting....on my way there I said a simple but heart felt prayer... Lord, let me meet some amazing people, make a new friend and let me have a good time! Boy, did he answer my prayer!! I met sooo many amazing people who I look forward to working with soon. It was also cool because I had been planning on going to Vegas in February for a photography conference but I was not looking forward to traveling alone, and at the meeting I met Leslie!! She is fabulous and now we are traveling together and will having lots of fun in Vegas!! I love how God always answers our prayers better than we could have ever expected! For all you photographers, I hope to see you at WPPI!

Leslie also tagged me yesterday on her blog and I have to give 7 random facts about me...... so here it goes.

1. I graduated high school when I was 16.
2. I LOOOVE shoes and would love to have my own collection one day. I sketch shoe designs in my spare time :)
3. Josh (my hubby) told me he loved me 12 days after we met, in a consignment shop parking lot.
4. I have had tea in the Mayor of Bath's parlor.
5. I absolutely love to read!
6. I sing, play the piano and guitar, and Josh is teaching me how to play the drums - he says I have "potential" :)
7. Runts are my favorite candy, but I only eat the hearts and the bananas.

Alright, there are 7 facts about me! Let me know a random fact about you in the comment section and of course I can blog without a picture, so I looked in my photobucket account and found this picture of Josh from March of last year. It was one of my test shots when I got my 5D :)



Shauna said...

I'm coming out of lurkdom so I won't feel like such a stalker now :)
Great picture, I love the colors!

And a random fact about me..I took gymnastics for several years and standing on my head never left me! I can do a headstand for several minutes still..weird but true :)

Amanda Suanne said...

Shauna!! Ah Yeah!! I love when blog readers comment- you have no idea it totally makes my day! So many people stop by but very few take the time to comment. Great to hear you thoughts.

and WOW that is an awesome fact! I use to take gymnastic's when I was a young girl, but yeah I don't think I could still do that! LOL :)


Leslie Roark Photography said...

God is great for sure! I'm so glad that we met and am excited about the amazing new friendship I see forming! I also LOVE to read and I took gymnastics as well!

Amanda said...

Hi Amanda! I just found your blog through your comment on Jasmine Star's website. I just registered for her workshop too and I couldn't help but notice another Amanda trying to get in! Your work is soooo beautiful!! Hopefully, we'll get to meet in March ;)

Amanda Rae

Amanda Suanne said...

Haha!!! I saw your name to and was just going to your website! I am SOOOOO excited, I can't wait to meet you and I am sure we will be chatting before the workshop :)


Amanda Suanne

Anonymous said...

How fun! I only eat the bananas and strawberries out of the Runts, too! Plus, my husband told me he was going to marry me in the mall parking lot! Let's see...my husband and I both hate surprises, but with both of our kids, we waited until they were born to find out they were girls!

Amanda Suanne said...

Rachael: That is awesome, and aren't the bananas and hearts just the best?!?! I have good story about runts I need to post soon!!!


Shauna said...

You should try it! Who knows you might still have the balance :)

Thanks for stopping by my page too and commenting :) I'm loving the other photographers blogs on here too, you guys take amazing photos!

Ron Lynn and Jenny said...

Amanda....looking at your blog not only makes me so happy for you and so incredibly proud of you, but also makes me so excited that my twin has the best wife ever....I can't wait for you to take my wedding pictures...hopefully soon...if you're interested ya know hehe....

here's some random facts about me...and some of my twin that you may not know, HA!

1. When Josh and I were born the doctors told me mom that I literally kicked him out of my mommy's belly, and that I had been sitting on him for so long that he had a funny shaped head at first....maybe that's why he's so....haha just kidding
2. The reason I have a crocked nose is because when I was twelve Christy Schweigert kicked me in the nose while I was spotting her on a handstand and my nose wouldn't stop bleeding for like 2 hours....Now I can't breathe ha!
3. I have a fascination and slight obsession with VS's PINK sweat pants....they are all I want to wear and I want a pair in every color
4. My favorite part of photography is the darkroom....there's just a certain thrill with developing a picture all by yourself and I plan to have an oldschool dark room when I get married...
5. In Europe I got to hang out at the Bar/Restaurant that was Mozart's version of Cheers....
6. Josh and I's first car was called the SILVER BULLET, a 93 mercury sable grandma car which he never let me drive, and it constantly leaked transmission fluid and sometimes oil...on the way home from youth camp one summer we ended up having to stop numerous times and put tons of transmissions fluid in it just to make it home...it also didn't have air-conditioning...fun times in July 100 degree weather
7. During a blizzard one year Josh, Papa Bear, Kris, and my little wiener cocker spaniel dog named Zackeus (he was a wee little dog with cocker spaniel ears, HA!) walked in the snow all the way to my Dad's office and back over 3 miles and sang old songs the whole way... My mom almost called the cops because we were gone so long but it was one of my favorite family memories.
8. When Josh broke his arm I cried so hard watching them put the cast on that my mom had to take me outside the doctors office just to calm me down....I guess twins really do feel each others pain!

Love you girl.....Can't wait to see you soon...yep, definitely gonna come visit soon!

Brandi said...

Amazing!! Love all the getting ready shots and what a gorgeous couple!

Amy Rae Photography said...

Hi Amanda! I've posted on here a few times. I have been searching for a roommate for WPPI because I am going alone too, but I found one this past week. Now today I found out I am going to get the week off and I am seeing it all fall into place! An answer to prayer! I really hope that is experience is going to be a huge networking time for me. I am open to anything and everyone...if you know if any dinners/events/get togethers, it would be wonderful to meet you. Also, I hope you enjoy your time with J*, it sounds like a good one! Blessings, Amy

Anonymous said...

Again Fabulous!! Simple fact about muah: I played the flute for 7 years, people who know me would never cross the two together :)

Amanda Suanne said...

wowzers! It was so fun to read all these neat little facts
!!! Thank you to everyone who shared!!


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