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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fresh Blog 09'..... Vote for Me!!!!

Happy Monday Everyone! So my little ol' blog is a part of a contest by Professional Photographer Magazine for The Freshest Photoblog. I will love you forever if you click HERE and vote for me! I am on page 14 near the bottom. All you have to do is click on my blog, enter you email and click enter. Simple as that!

EDIT*** I just noticed that I am on page 10 now, so you may have to look around to find my blog. Thanks Again!!!!****

Thank you so much in advance for being purely awesome and taking 5 seconds to vote! You Rock (but you already knew that)

All my Love,

Amanda Suanne


Anonymous said...

voted :D

Anonymous said...

I will vote for you!!!!

Shauna said...

Wow so many talented photographers there! I voted for you though :)

Amanda Suanne said...


xoxo amanda

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