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Friday, April 17, 2009

Gulf Coast Wedding Photographers Luncheon

Each month I put on a luncheon for local photographers to get together and mingle and meet!! This past meeting we had about 20 people there! It was fantastic but the bigger our group gets the more I relaize how hard it is to get to know people. Put 20 artisit in a room and you can feel the engery & boy are we loud!! So starting next month the first 12 photographers who RSVP will be allowed until we figure out another solution but it is has been a great thing and we are so excited that so many people are wanting to join us! Here is a picture of last week's group minus a bunch of really cool people. We ate the restaurant FIRE and boy was it awesome! I had a buffalo burger (without the bun of course) and it was amazing!!

If you would like info on the group visit our facebook group by clicking here We meet the first Tuesday of each month!!

1 comment:

Perspektiv Studios said...

I had agreat time! Sorry I had to leave early and miss the pic. LoL @ryan&erica pose! :)

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