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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How was your April Fools?

This morning I sat down and opened up my twitter account trying to think of some funny prank I could pull on all my followers and friends! I love silly pranks, but absolutely nothing came to me! I mean, I thought about so many things like saying.... "Josh just got my face tattooed on his arm." "I was just chosen to be on Deal or No Deal" I even thought of, "Josh and I are having a baby!!" but for some reason I just could not think of a good prank to pull. They all seemed to lack originality and humor. So I decided, instead of telling you some fabricated story, I will tell you a few TRUE events that have happened in my day....

1) This morning Sophie (my yorkie-poo) ate the remains of the banana I had for breakfast and then threw it up. Three times! Yeah... it happened.

2) My Dad called me (and even knowing it was April 1st, I still did not catch on) and told me he was at Regency Mall and there was a riot and he was hiding in a shoe store closet... I was freaking out and he goes oh my gosh there coming in!!! I Screamed! and then he said, "April Fools"!!!

3) After the trauma, I opened my blog reader to find the sweetest thing ever! My fabulous, friend Jami who has an amazing blog about fashion and living the life on the beach, wrote THE SWEETEST little entry about me! I had no idea she was going to do so, and I am so excited to shoot her sisters Wedding in May! Check out her blog here and stay a while.....she has wonderful tips on fashion, the latest trends, and a bunch of other fun stuff!

4) I booked a wedding today from a fabulous couple in Houston Texas. Excited about their wedding at WaterColor.

5) I worked on some accounting things and plainfuly finished my taxes! Praise him!!

6) I went to the gym and pumped some Iron!! :) If you follow me on Twitter, you heard my excitment about losing 7 pounds so far! Ahhhh sooo excited about that! And if you are not following me on twitter....why not???

7) I watched Project Runway episodes while I edited a wedding!

8) After the gym, Shannon called me to pull another prank on me, and told me she ran over a dog.... WHY PEOPLE! Why must you play tricks on me!

I had a pretty awesome April Fools day in my opinion, but everyday where I am sounded by my loving dogs, working my dream job, and being married to the most precious man alive is a pretty awesome day!

I hope you had a fabulous day as well. I would love if you would leave me your best April fools prank. I am in need of a good laugh!! Holla!!


Andrew PC Smith said...

A good prank is hitting Cmd+Opt+Ctrl+8 on the keyboard of someone else's Mac and panicking that it has a virus. And who could forget some of the pranks Jim pulls on Dwight in the Office. Oh man, too funny.

Rachael Lea Oerther said...

you go girl! Love your work!

Autumn Miller said...

I am working right now at Cypress Interactive as a administrative assistant & I commonly give people phone messages. On April Fools I sent a co-worker a phone message that said "Mr. Lion called, please give him a call back at (###) ###-####". The phone number was for the local zoo! Had some good laughs at that one when he called Mr. Lion back!

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