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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fernanda and Jorge's Album

I love when the UPS man comes to deliver a fresh new album. I think no wedding is complete without a beautiful album to tell the store of the day. Fernanda and Jorge ordered a 12x12 Virgin White Kiss Album and maaaaan is it hott!! Enjoy some quick photos I snapped before shipping it off to the bride and groom :) Off to shoot a wedding! Have a beautiful day!


Tira J said...

Hi Amanda! That is so beautiful! I just ordered two albums and some little kisses this weekend and can't wait! Smouldering Brown! Love the white! so classy.

Amy Beth @ Ministry So Fabulous! said...

Oh, it's GORGEOUS! Girl, I am so proud of you and the gift that God has given you!!!

Olimb Photography said...

Hey Amanda,

I LOVE the 12x12's! Currently I'm using the 8x8 books but seeing yours, I might just have to upgrade! I just got in a green little KISS and a pink KISS and they blew me away. It's such a great product! That white is gorgeous!

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