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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ryan and Jennifer | Engaged

Ryan and Jennifer are getting married next May in the Seaside/Watercolor area so we decided to shoot their engagement pictures in Seaside! Ryan and Jennifer braced the heat and turned on their superfabulous model faces for a fun and awesome shoot! They were also very gracious to let us film for my new promo video (coming soon)! Thanks Ryan and Jennifer for being amazing and I hope that you love your photos!

Ahh she is sooo beautiful!!


How about some yummy cupcakes? yes please!!

I die! How beautiful is this ring??? Good job Ryan!


Becka @Studio222 Photography said...

Um... wait a second... did they get cupcakes from some sort of vehicle? Like an ice cream truck? A CUPCAKE TRUCK? Sweet Jesus how do I get one in Orlando!

Lauren said...

YAY! Amanda these are so gorgeous, I can't wait to see your promo! Great job friend! :D

Charlotte Wedding Photographer - The Schultzes said...

SUPER gorgeous - the couple and your work. :)

Justin James said...

awesome shots! so much color everywhere! i'm a fan. and yes, that ring is a little ridiculous. makes the rest of us look poor! haha.

Lydia said...

The cupcakes pictures are so fun, and that ring shot is gorgeous!!

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