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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kate and Chuck | Engaged

Josh and I had a blast getting to know Kate and Chuck during their engagement session. They are both from Austin, TX - He has a popular restaurant in downtown Austin called Moonshine & she is the president and founder of an awesome company called Betty Lash.  Be sure to check it out!!

Kate and Chuck got engaged over Christmas and came down to Destin to start planning their June 12th wedding. I am very excited about capturing their wedding ! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot - it was so hard to narrow down, becuase I had so many favorites! I would say my first engagment session of 2010 was a success! Congratulations Kate and Chuck!!

I love this!! They are so much fun!

FAVORITE! Kate you are stunning!!
Did I mention how cold it was!!?? Kate and Chuck both rocked it out even in the freezing weather ...and they looked good doing it!!

Another Favorite!

Congrats again to Kate and Chuck!! :D See you in June!


Kimberly Petty said...

I love them all! What a sweet couple. I cant wait to see their Wedding photos in June.

. s h e r r y * said...

Love the ones on the beach!! :) And it's so hard to believe that it's cold in FLORIDA! :O

Anonymous said...

Amanda - I always love looking at your pics. How fun that you had a couple from Austin!! Moonshine is SUCH a great restaurant, and a neat place. The macaroni there is to die for!! Great photos of a gorgeous couple!!

pure7studios said...

Looking great!!! That big ol' belly ain't even getting in the way one bit. ;)

Vanessa said...

Gorgeous as always! Love the one of them kissing on the beach. Just beautiful!

Trish said...

Really Lovely! You can't tell that it is freezing cold from the pictures :) I enjoy looking @ your posts - the more the merrier!

Destin Weddings said...

Looking Awesome!!!! Simply fantastic photography.

It's a "Shore" Thing said...

Gorgeous photos!! Looking forward to working with you on this one!! We're getting together to start the ball rolling next week!! They're a great couple - very much in love!! (smile)

Evelyn Perez said...

OMG!!!!These pictures are so immaculate and I can definitely tell how fun this couple is by the pictures you took. The pictures on the beach make them look like there in heaven. I want to go back to Destin!!!

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